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We are an interdisciplinary research group interested in exploring key chronobiological
questions in both humans and animal models.

Grupo Cronobiología

We EXPLORE how ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL VARIABLES modulate the biological clock in native fishes, using different methodological approaches. We study human CIRCADIAN PREFERENCES AND SLEEP HABITS in youngsters to understand how the clock copes with different social demands and environmental challenges.

WE SEEK to understand CONTROL MECHANISMS by which living beings respond TO ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES during their daily and seasonal routines. We also proactively seek to contribute to evidence-based social policies of light hygiene, school and work shifts, among others.

Working Areas

Several daily life situations provide excellent scenarios to understand how the biological clock is influenced by changes in environmental factors and social demands. We study circadian preferences and sleep habits of the Uruguayan population. We are especially interested in understanding how environmental and social cues interact in the modulation of the human biological clock.

As a basal group within vertebrates, fishes are excellent models to explore how environmental and social cues interact in the modulation of biological rhythms.