30 April, 2021

Aula virtual, Escuela Universitaria Centro de Diseño, Udelar

Participation of Conference Table "Andares interdisciplinares"

Andares interdisciplinares aims to be a space for dialogue, search and reflective exchange with other knowledge, which open horizons of possibility to the emerging problems posed by these times of uncertainty; in an approach to complexity from the design thinking. In this space, Dr. Bettina Tassino introduced the general principles of biological clocks and how the dynamics of modern life in society poses problems to be addressed in an interdisciplinary way.

11 November, 2020

Biblioteca, Facultad de Ciencias, Udelar

Presentation of animated videos "The light and the time"

Bettina Tassino and Andrés Olivera presented the animated video series made in collaboration with specialists on visual communication design. The broadcast was made live from the Faculty of Science library and involved the participation of Dean Monica Marin. The series is composed of 4 educational videos with independent and complementary contents, in a short animated format, with a suitable message for a wide and diverse audience. In each of them, a theoretical concept is presented, a problem is identified and simple and easy-to-adopt recommendations are proposed.

10 November, 2020

Escuela 178 Martin Luther King

Sleep and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ignacio Estevan was invited to an exchange on the results of the research project "Virtual rest", performed by 6th year students of School 178, on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic over children and teenagers' sleep. The activity was very interesting and the students achieved a qualitative description, compatible with consolidated international research groups results and unpublished results of the Chronobiology Research Group. Excellent teacher's initiative and the Social Education teacher Gabriela Pérez.

14 July, 2020

Escuela 113 Zelmar Michelini

Sleep and chronobiology in Uruguay

Ignacio Estevan was invited to a workshop with the School Nº 113's teachers team about the relevance of rhythms and sleep in young people. In addition to addressing the impact areas, work was done on the current research lines of the Chronobiology Research Group as well as its main results.

07 March, 2020

Regency Hotel

The biological clock in modern life

Bettina Tassino and Ana Silva were invited by the Society of Biological Psychiatry of Uruguay to the first working breakfast in 2020. At this meeting they presented the general aspects of the biological clock function in humans, and explained in depth the studies carried out by the research group in our country's adolescent population.

11 February, 2020

Facultad de Ciencias, Udelar

The Women and Girls' Day in Science

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science has been celebrated on 11 February. This date symbolizes the fundamental role that women and girls have played in the scientific community. The research group Cronobiología participated in the open-doors event at Facultad de Ciencias, showing the population the main interests of study in human chronobiology in Uruguay.

16 Agosto, 2019

Liceo 63 "Idea Vilariño", Uruguay

Circadian preferences, sleep habits and academic performance in students

Two workshops were given by Ignacio Estevan and Andrés Olivera to teachers and students of high school 63, as part of the institutional cycle called " Lectures of scientific dissemination". In this workshop were discussed: general aspects of human circadian preferences and the relationship between sleep habits and academic performance, especially in adolescents. In a practical and simplified way, it was demonstrated how we obtain and analyze data in our research studies with adolescents.